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360 Therapy Group is an outpatient and in-home physical rehabilitation and therapy practice based offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy to individuals of all ages who are disabled, injured, recovering from surgery, or have any health issues that require extra and specialized care and support.

Our physical therapists restore mobility and reduce pain for patients with new or old injuries, disabilities resulting from surgeries, or neurological conditions occurring in adults or children. Our Occupational Therapists help to make your life at home, work, or school as independent as possible. And our Speech Therapists help to improve your levels of communication.

Our dedicated and diligent team of therapists are supported by education and experience. We are committed to our clients’ progress. The therapy and rehabilitation we provide is synchronized among our multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. We provide education to families along with everyone involved in the care of our clients to maximize your health goals.

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360 Therapy Group is a trusted partner of the Vitality360 Healthcare and Medical Network.

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